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About US

About Us

Since its creation, the core of our association has been solid esteems. Our everyday activities are guided by the center estimations of our association which is trailed by our colleagues. For practically finished 10 years now, we have been helping our customers with their duty issues, having some expertise in charge counseling and assessment planning.

Noor Financial Services offers a wide range of Accounting and Financial services to Individuals and Corporates.

Our center mission is to construct trust with our customers. We have been giving Accounting and Tax services to small-medium organizations for over 10 years serving GTA from its Head Office in Mississauga. With more than 15 years of experience managing a wide range of customers and CRA, we have picked up the certainty and trust, which do right by us of being a confided in firm in the field of Accounting and Tax. Our group of Certified and Professional Accountants with more than 100 years of consolidated experience is a major Asset for you and your organization.


We are just a phone call away, you just cannot go wrong with our services...