Noor Financial Services


Audit representation

Every year, thousands of individuals and businesses are audited by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Self-employed Business Audit

The CRA audits small business owners to ensure the expenses being claimed are true business expenses. Our experienced team will be able to get you through an audit with flying colours

HST and Payroll Audit

You'll want to ensure that you've paid no more and no less than the exact amount of HST and payroll taxes that you owe. The results of your audit should be fair and accurate.

Law Society Audits (Spot Audit)

All law firms being run as sole proprietors or corporations encounter the spot audit in their business life cycle by the Law society of Ontario (for Ontario Law firms).Trust accounts maintained by lawyers are the main area of interest for law society auditors. We have the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare and process these audits. We are well-versed in PC law, Clio, etc.

TICO Audits

All travel agencies are audited by TICO for the trust account they maintain for issuing tickets and travel packages. Our team is trained to maintain and prepare these audits.

Other services

Quickbooks training

Launch a career in bookkeeping & accounting. Get trained by an Intuit QuickBooks® Certified Pro Advisor.

Business registrations

Get registered with the CRA, get a business number, set up your GST/HST, payroll account, etc.

Tax services

We take care of your T4, T4A, T5 and other filings. Process any rental income, or more complex tax filings, in a stress-free way.

Payroll services

Do you have employees? We’ll manage your payroll so you can focus on running your business.

Law firm accounting

Are you a lawyer, or own a law firm, in Ontario? We have experience helping lawyers, and dealing with the unique accounting and LSO compliance needs of the legal profession. 


Enjoy the convenience of having your daily financial transactions organized and monitored by your accounting team.